In the years she was at BPA, I have fond memories of her. If my work wasn’t completed she helped me in any way possible, and for that I thank her as a person and as a teacher.”

Chalyn N

Student, Bradenton Preparatory Academy

Mrs. Conway has helped me so much every time I needed. She would do her best to make sure I could understand what I was doing. I absolutely love her. I would like to thank her for all her help. I also love that she is always in a joyful mood.”

Rachel W

Student, Bradenton Preparatory Academy

Mary is a phenomenal advocate for her students. She often dedicates her own time to prepare her students for upcoming assessments. Mary works hand and hand with teachers to ensure her students are achieving and excelling in their subjects.”

Kristen Cunningham

Teacher, Nolan Middle School

Mary worked tirelessly with our middle school students. Her attention to detail and ability to keep the students on task is something I greatly appreciated. She made my teaching load a lot lighter.”

Paul von Saman

Teacher, Bradenton Preparatory Academy

The students that participate in the PACE program show unbelievable improvement in their concentration and focus. I encourage all my clients to enroll in PACE with Mary Conway. I am also amazed at the way PACE causes their confidence levels to soar.”

Jakub Grezeslo

Tennis Coach, Bollettieri Campus of IMG Academies

PACE helped me improve my reading. It also made a huge difference in my soccer game, increasing my concentration and visual span. I would definitely recommend PACE to people who want to make school easier and increase their athletic skills.”

Nate H

IMG Academies, Bradenton Preparatory Academy

PACE made a difference between success and failure for my son, Hunter. Working with Ms. Conway in the PACE program elevated his confidence level so he understood that he could overcome his learning challenges.”

Police Captain William Spitler

Parent, Sarasota, FL

The PACE program, administered by Mary Conway, made a world of difference in my daughter’s academics and in her sport. She became more focused in both pursuits and continues to flourish.”

Mary Solberg

Parent, Bradenton, FL

Mary gives everything of herself for her students’ benefit. She truly cares for their academic and social development and takes the necessary time to ensure they ultimately succeed.”

Chris Rosenke

Teacher, Saddlebrook Preparatory School

Our Services

Irlen Syndrome

Irlen Syndrome is a perceptual processing disorder that can be treated non-invasively with the Irlen Method.

Handwriting Without Tears

Handwriting Without Tears is a step by step approach to help students learn to print and write cursive.

Master The Code

Master the Code is a multi-sensory phonics based reading program.

Touch Math

Touch Math teaches students to add, subtract, multiply and divide through the use of touch points on numbers or coins.


Processing and Cognitive Enhancement. A brain based learning program that strengthens processing in 26 major learning areas.

Academic Coaching

Gives students the tools they need to be successful in all subject areas.