About Us

We believe the true definition of reading is gaining meaning from print. If a person does not remember or understand what they have read, then learning and interacting with the world around them will be limited. One of our missions in life is to guide struggling readers so they may find joy in reading.

Research has shown that the best readers visualize as they read. It has been described as a movie running in their mind as they scan the print. Challenged readers have told our trusted professionals they do not see anything as they read. We work with them, offering techniques to create the pictures so they can comprehend. Seeing the excitement in a student’s eyes as they begin to understand and remember what they have read, is one of the greatest joys our staff members have ever experienced! Along with improved reading comprehension, comes increased confidence, which allows the people we serve to become more successful in all areas of life.

Ms. Mary

Our Partners

Dianne Keilholtz
Owner – Launching College Success

Are you overwhelmed by the college admissions’ process? Not sure where to start? Dianne Keilholtz, owner of Launching College Success is a nationally certified counselor with decades of experience supporting teens and families through the overwhelming process that is college admissions’ today. Let her help you navigate these uncharted waters. Contact her at 240-285-1920 or [email protected] today!

Keri Porter
Program Director – New Path Development Center

Thank you for your interest in New Path Development Center. We are the 35th center in the United States to offer the Sensory Learning_SM Program, a unique and natural, noninvasive therapy that supports the body’s inherent ability to heal itself by organizing the neurological system. This organization offers the opportunity for learning and the ability to function at a higher level.

Our Services

Irlen Syndrome

Irlen Syndrome is a perceptual processing disorder that can be treated non-invasively with the Irlen Method.

Handwriting Without Tears

Handwriting Without Tears is a step by step approach to help students learn to print and write cursive.

Master The Code

Master the Code is a multi-sensory phonics based reading program.

Touch Math

Touch Math teaches students to add, subtract, multiply and divide through the use of touch points on numbers or coins.


Processing and Cognitive Enhancement. A brain based learning program that strengthens processing in 26 major learning areas.

Academic Coaching

Gives students the tools they need to be successful in all subject areas.