Dear Parents,

I urge you, during this difficult time to be kind to your children, be kind to their teachers, be kind to everyone you may come in contact with, either in person or through technology.  Most of all, you need to be kind to yourself.

I have been a professional educator for nearly 30 years and I am also a parent.  I know from my own experience and from working with parents and their children for many years, that it is never easy for a parent to take on the role of teacher.  You have the added stress of wondering what the world, your world will look like when this is over.  So once again, I encourage you to be gentle and kind to yourself.

Here are some suggestions you may wish to keep in mind as you take on the added task of becoming your child’s teacher.

*A single activity should not take longer than the age of your child.  In other words,  If your child is 10, 10 minutes is the length of his or her attention span.  Adults average an attention span of 15 to 20 minutes.

*In the classroom teachers can offset attention lag with brain breaks. Take a break in between academic lessons.  These breaks are important and can help facilitate learning.

*If your child is resisting beginning the work that has been assigned by their classroom teacher, print out all the assignments, present your child with three and let him or her chose the one they would like to do first. This gives the child a sense of control over some part of their life.  This is especially important now, as we all struggle to develop new routines that bring some normalcy to these challenging times.

*Educating your child is not restricted to academic undertakings.   If you are able, research what can be planted this time of year in your area. What fun to grow healthy food that could benefit the entire family.  Let them experience the excitement of watching a seedling break through the ground.  Consider taking to the kitchen and doing some meal preparation together.  There are so many things we can more effectively teach our children through hands on experiences.

*Listen to your child…really listen to what they have to say.  You may be surprised about some of their concerns.  Their world is constantly changing and it is helpful, for all of us, to talk things through.


Get silly, jump around, dance and laugh.  Look up Brain Gym on You Tube.  This is a program that teaches specific movements to make learning easier. I will be going into greater detail about this effective, learning program in my next blog.

If you are also trying to find assistance for a senior, in addition to everything else you are dealing with, you may wish to contact Home Helpers of Bradenton @ (941)999-1960. This locally owned business specializes in assisting seniors in their homes.

If you have specific questions or concerns, Mary is offering a 15 minute no cost phone consult to parents.  You may reach her by calling (941) 447-2226 or by emailing her at [email protected]

Watch for my next blog!  More to come—Learn more about Brain Gym.

Please everyone, Stay Healthy and Stay Safe.