Dear Parents,

As promised, I am dedicating this blog to Brain Gym. This program offers a series of simple activities for Whole Brain Learning.

Brain Gym is a series of fun and effective learning exercises that increase learning and reduce stress.

These exercieses are beneficial to people of all ages, since they activate both sides of the brain to make it easier to cope with the ever changing demands of today. They can also increase motivation and overall produce a more positive outlook.

Brain Gym stresses the importance of drinking water. Both our planet and our bodies are made up of at lease 70% water. As a major component of the blood, water is the delivery system that gets oxygen to each cell of the body. 

Tip of The Week

Music also activates the brain, encourage your child to make up a song or a rap about what they are learning.

Both of you may be surprised how effortless learning can be when Movement and Music are added to learing to increase both short and long term memory.

It produces the electrolytes that are necessary for electrical activity across the cell membranes. So you want to make sure your student is sipping water while they are performing Brain Gym and while they are engaged in their academic work.

Brain Gym also helps increase focus. When your learner becomes fidgety or appears to be drifting away, you can redirect them with the following movement exercises.

Finding your PACE with Brain Gym

Note: exercises can be performed in any order you like


Standing, march in place, while altertantely touching each hand to the opposite knee. Continue while taking four to eight complete relaxed breaths. You can also do this while sitting down.


Rest one hand over your navel. With the thumb and fingers of the other hand, make a U on the two hollow areas just under the collar bone. Rub these areas for 30 to 60 seconds, as you look left to right.


 Next, try Brain Buttons which improves the processing of sensory information and increases reading comprehension.


Start by sipping water to get ready for the energy to move and wake you up.

To learn more about Brain Gym, look for YouTube videos. You might be surprised how many there are from which to choose.

The underlying premise of Brain Gym is that “movement is the door to learning”. According to Paul E. Dennison, PhD, creator of Brain GyM.

Watch for our next Blog so you can learn more about Brain Gym.

Please stay Healty and Safe, my friends!


 Owner/Operator of Breaking Barriers To Learning.